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Do you need to unbutton your jeans after each meal?? OPEN THIS EMAIL...

Sometimes we move well & truly past our fullness signals which may require opening the top button of our jeans...

Not an uncommon experience from person to person right?!

We can AIM to reduce these occasions as we want to return to our natural fullness signals...

What are those you ask? Well, let me take you back to childhood where we find ourselves in complete connection with our natural fullness cues... We could stop the moment we felt we had had enough to eat.

There was a time and place when we disconnected from the natural fullness signals our bodies displayed...Do you remember?

Disconnected fullness may originate from a few experiences...

1) You may have been instructed from a young age to finish your plate before leaving the table, this, is now an ingrained habit you continue into adulthood or may enforce on others (kids, partner etc)

2) From previous or current dietary restrictions or removing food groups from your diet.

3)Respecting the value of food or coming from low food availability.

4)Heavy reliance on external cues; meaning we stop eating when the food is gone, finishing it in its entirety without considering the size/portion of the meal or our fullness cues.

5) Approaching or beginning meals/snacks in an overly ravenous state of RUDE hunger. With hunger levels high it can result in bypassing fullness cues and consuming food well past our natural satiety cues.

6) Eating on autopilot, whilst being distracted with devices, a busy lifestyle, eating on the run, eating too quickly etc.

7) If you are eating when you are not hungry in the first place this can also be hard to recognise fullness.

Comfortable satiety is respecting YOUR fullness...Being present in your meals is helpful with this.

Here are some subtle ways you can begin to recognise these cues & make these decision to stop eating...

1 - The food stops tasting as good as it did when you started your meal.

2 - The food stops tasting as good as it did when you started your meal.

3 - You have stopped thinking about food or your hunger signals have dissipated.

4 - Your overall mood has improved & you have a sense of completeness.

5 - You have lost the satisfaction factor of the meal ( It has lost its appeal...)

What cue/s have you noticed at mealtime?

If you feel you need some help with recognising your natural signals, hit reply with the word "FULLNESS" and I will get in touch,

Happy Hump Day!


Inside n' Out Health

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