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New year, new you or new year, same you?!

How many times have you heard this or told yourself this? ‘A new year means a new me’… I have both hands way up in the air over here.. up until recently I used to be the person who felt I had to wait for the new year to begin working on the NEW me… * insert ideas for new me here* ... well that was the norm, right? I followed accounts on social media that told me things like ‘new year new you’, ‘start the year off 10 kg lighter follow me and I’ll tell you how’, ‘follow my exercise routine to start the new year in a good way’, ‘you NEED to start doing my detox cleanse ($$$) so you and your gut can be happy this year’

I sat back one day and thought about the language that is used around this new year new me concept… it all leads to negative connotations, what I see is a setup! Don’t get me wrong I am a big advocate for goal setting! But if you are all on board to begin your new you and get to March where you no longer can continue with your current regime because it is a. unsustainable/unachievable or b. not even your goal, are you a failure? Do you even need to become a new you? Why do we feel we need to wait a certain time/date/day/year to begin implementing new habits or goals?

IF you would like to begin amending your current lifestyle routine many of us have an idea of what we would like to achieve by a certain date which is ok, however, we don’t know what to do once we come to a roadblock during our journey.. so the majority of the time that goal/concept goes out the window and we can feel very deflated and possibly return the old you?

Well from now on… DON’T throw it away! Adjust your goal.. hear me out here – why not try writing down 3 daily goals, a weekly goal, a monthly goal, a 3 – 6 month goal eventually leading to that ultimate 12-month goal you would like to achieve!

Now, these goals do not need to be nutrition-based – if you don’t have that goal set in mind, think big, what do you want to achieve? Exercising daily? daily journaling? a new course? reading more? being more confident? more time for you and your family or your hobbies?… the list is endless and the world is your oyster!

The idea is that you write it all down so you know where you are going, revisit and adjust in case your goal / s have changed… Oh yes, your goals can change, you are not locked into them.. that’s the beauty here, they are YOURS. You are not a sheep and you don’t have to have any feelings of failure or dismay.

Remember the new year should be one to begin the way YOU want it to, not feeling like you need to start it a certain way to keep up with the IG or SM crowd.

Are you team new year, new me, or the alternative? Xx

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