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Tips for getting a GREAT night SLEEP...

Spoiler ALERT... it starts the minute you wake up!

Looking for ways to achieve a great night's sleep to wake up feeling refreshed & energised for your day?

Here are some tips to consider:

TIP #1

- Aim to get up as soon as you wake. (Try not to hit the snooze button more than once)


Placing your phone where you need to physically get up to turn off the alarm if you have one set.

TIP #2

- Perform a body check, take some deep breaths or complete a short meditation.


To control the urge to reach for your phone or device, allow yourself to wake naturally without a bright light in your face.

TIP #3

- Make your BED.


Making your bed as soon as you are out of it, to help you start the day with a sense of achievement ready to take on your day.

TIP #4

- Get out into the morning light within an hour of waking for 10 minutes.


Enjoy your morning coffee, tea or breakfast outside OR take a morning walk OR engage in outdoor exercise if possible.

TIP #5

- Set about your day, aiming not to drink too much coffee or alcohol & Eat your meals in regular intervals.


Setting your day with familiar body patterns will help your internal clocks & circadian rhythm to establish a daily routine.

TIP #6

- Work in 90-minute cycles (if applicable) & take small breaks to recompose yourself to assist with productivity & creativity.


Deciding what you want to achieve in the day & making it manageable & achievable. Find a time to switch off from screens & stick to it daily.

TIP #7

- Re-centre yourself though out the day, limiting your exposure to white light as the day unfolds as best as you can.


Getting outside in the late afternoon/evening to help your body reconnect & recognise sleep is approaching.

TIP #8

- Move to YOUR wind-down ritual OR bedtime routine...


- Reducing your screen usage

- Adjust the brightness settings on devices.

- Eat your meal/s

- Warm shower

- Deep breathing

- Read a book

- Meditation... etc

** Try not to overthink & overwhelm your thoughts with sleep.

Create a "ritual" to follow each evening and IF you wake...implement this ritual again to encourage your brain to recognise that these steps induce sleep for YOU.

You may also want to add in: -

- an eye mask

- meditation music

- centering yourself with a body check

- deep breathing

- earplugs


Did you find this helpful? I would love to know - hit reply to chat further - is there anything here I missed? What are some of your ritual steps to ensure quality sleep?

Speak soon


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Inspired by Tom Coleman - sleep extraordinaire.

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