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Who am I?

My name is Bruno, I am a fully qualified Remedial Massage

Therapist, with over 15 years of experience in the massage field.

I have worked in numerous settings, which include chiropractic

clinics, medical centers, Spa resorts, sporting clubs, as a

mobile therapist, and since 2016 in my own home clinic

business with my wife and Nutritionist Stacey. 


I am a father of 3 children and a lover of all sports particularly Soccer and AFL, I have lived in Bannockburn since 2014 and have many fantastic local and loyal Golden Plains clients that I treat regularly, I really enjoy helping people and I get real satisfaction when I can help alleviate a clients injury concerns.

As mentioned, I am a fully qualified /remedial Massage Therapist and enjoy expanding my knowledge with workshops and keeping myself up to date with all the modern improvements in the massage field.

What do we do?

Before we start a consultation, you, the client will complete a full medical history form which will be reviewed by myself.

I then perform a full postural assessment before beginning any initial treatment. This is important to help me understand why you are having a particular issue, this will allow me to piece together why you are struggling with pain or injury. I can then go ahead and target the specific area causing the problems using an array of massage techniques I have developed, incorporating joint mobilisation, stretches, and more. 

Over the years I have been able to gather tremendous amounts of knowledge and can personalise and tailor treatment plans specific to your needs. 

Whether it be sports-related injuries, work-related injuries, labor-intensive ailments, mum's carrying children, seated at your desk too long, maintenance, or just for general well-being, I can assist as I have come across so many different situations and have the experience that can help each individual with an array of massage techniques incorporating dry needling & cupping if necessary.

Our services

Remedial Massage including: 

- Dry Needling

- Cupping

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Myofascial release

- Joint Mobilisation

- Rehab exercise & stretches

 And more...

Sports Massage including:

- Stretches

- Strengthening,

- Joint mobilisation,

- Pre and post sport treatments

Pregnancy Massage

- For women after the first trimester

- All treatments are performed side-lying or we have a seated option.

Relaxation Massage

- Calming 

- Stress relief

- Reduce anxiety

- Relaxation treatments can be performed by Bruno or Stacey

All the above can assist in stimulating the blood supply, assist in mobilisation of joints, and repair damaged tissue as well as a reduction in stiffness, headaches/migraines, sinus issues, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, hip, knee, jaw pain and more...

Pricing & Rebates

Appointments with Bruno can be booked as 90, 60, 45, or 30-minute consultations. A minimum of a 60-minute session is recommended for any initial consultation allowing for a thorough assessment/treatment.

Remedial Massage & Sports Massage

30 minutes = $55.00

45 minutes = $75.00

60 minutes = $95.00

90 minutes = $145.00 - Call the clinic to make a booking for this service. 

Relaxation Massage

30 minutes = $50.00

45 minutes = $65.00

60 minutes = $83.00

Pregnancy Massage

45 minutes = $80.00

60 minutes = $99.00

All Remedial massage treatments can be claimed on the spot via Hicaps & credit card facilities are available on-site.

All prices are inclusive of GST.


We are WorkCover accredited, any treatments for this require a medical referral from your doctor as well as other supporting documentation. If you are eligible for WorkCover treatments please contact us to discuss further.

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