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It is OK to have personal health goals outside of weight loss in January...

How many times have you put forth a weight loss goal in January? Once a year? (or is it more of a monthly thing?)

It's ok to focus on other areas of overall health - we know that there are multiple facets to it.

You can get real and specific here with yourself... really think about it, being too vague or abstract may cause loss of concentration or roadblocks and pitfalls.

Maybe you would like to improve your sleep?

Heal your relationship with food and increase your awareness of body appreciation and functionality?

Prepare meals at home to save on buying lunch every day of the week?

Feel confident meeting your friend our for an unexpected catch-up and meal at any time of the day?

Learn a new language, listen to podcasts to increase your knowledge in an area you love or read 10 pages of a book daily?

Journal daily to understand how your emotions may make certain decisions or affect your actions in a positive or not so positive way?

Focus on gut health and incorporating more fibre for regular bowel movements?

Go for a walk every day?

Increase your water intake?

Long story short I am here to tell you that you can have alternate goals and they can change bi-monthly or yearly. You are not locked into your goals, so you don't have to beat yourself up if you find they no longer are attainable for your current lifestyle.

We have times in our lives that suit certain, we need to ensure they are implemented at the right time and that they serve us well...

Save yourself the cycle of starting and stopping which may result in disappointment due to your life-changing and goals no longer being attainable. Think about what you would like to achieve and then think about your values... do they align? ( see post around values here

You can then set the structure for your goals as we can see a benefit of focusing on single short term goals ( potentially daily non-negotiables) and these then successfully filtering into larger long term goals.. all whilst keeping them attainable and sustainable.

Hope you find this helpful... if you need help or have any questions feel free to reach out.

Here if you need

Stacey x

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